Our Ongoing Studies

VNS Therapy for TRD (Treatment Resistant Depression)

We are currently recruiting patients who are Medicare beneficiaries (patients on disability under the age of 65 and all patients 65 years and older) with treatment-resistant depression (TRD) who have not found adequate relief in their current and previous treatments aimed at controlling their depression and are interested in trying an alternative, FDA-approved treatment called vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy. This survey will help us in deciding if you are eligible to participate in this trial.


Medycal TIERTM (Technology for Innovative Enrollment and Retention) is our advantage platform that we use to expedite, enhance study subject enrollment and retention. It takes a lot to conduct any clinical research study and we have invested a lot to make the big picture simple for our partner CRO/Sponsors.


Medycal professional team collaboratively has decades of research experience in pharma R&D that spans areas from pre-clinical toxicology, 21 CFR part 58 GLP studies and audits, to Phase 1-4 Clinical Research across major CROs and Sponsors globally under ICH/GCP and HIPAA regulations.


At Medycal, we use 21 CFR part 11 compliant CTMS. Our partners take advantage of this state of the art platform for seamless integration of their protocols to our CTMS for tracking visits, billing and real time QC of visits conducted on site. Invoicing from our site to sponsors is done transparently and with confidence aligned with study budgets.

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At Medycal, we aim to speed up the development of novel therapies having significant potential to improve patient lives.

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